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TEN Neighborhoods on the TEN-TEN-TEN CicLAvia Route

CicLAvia's Ten-Ten-Ten 7.5-mile route from East Hollywood to Boyle Heights - click image to embignify

In honor of our 10-10-10 CicLAvia date, CicLAvia is running TEN top TEN listings! So far it’s been TEN reasonsTEN buildings and TEN problems. Today, we highlight TEN great neighborhoods that our initial TEN TEN TEN CicLAvia will go through. 

We think that L.A.’s wonderful neighborhoods are ever-changing, fluid, loose, overlapping, and largely unofficial… but we did lean on some relatively official sources (especially the L.A. Times Mapping L.A. website, which draws from the city of Los Angeles’ Planning Department.) These communities are out there to explore, but there’s often not agreement on where one ends and where another begins.  

A few geeky statitical notes on population: The population numbers shown are from the LA Times website, listing the estimations for 2008. The TEN-TEN-TEN route goes through the three highest population density neighborhoods in the city of Los Angeles, and even the entire county: (in density order) #1-Koreatown, #2-Westlake, #3-East Hollywood (each greater than 30,000 potential CicLAvia participants per square mile!) The October route also goes next to two more in the top ten (#4- Pico Union and #7-Hollywood.) We’re happy about this, because it means that CicLAvia is bringing active healthy recreational space to the places that need it the most! 

Also – in this short format, there’s so much that we’re not able to capture about these neighborhoods – let us know if you think we’ve left really imporant things out! 


Boyle Heights home across from Hollenbeck Park. Photo by Jenn Su

1. Boyle Heights
Times map, Population: 99,243, Density: 14,229 people/square-mile


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