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CicLAvia Praise in Times Editorial y Mas!

One of the lucky dogs at CicLAvia 2010 - photo by Gary Leonard

We’re happy to share that, as the year’s end approaches, commentators are recalling CicLAvia. The Los Angeles Times Thanksgiving editorial They made our days lists “newsmakers, news events and newcomers that have enlivened this year.” The editorial states:

We’re grateful to: … The organizers of CicLAvia, an Oct. 10 event that saw a short route through downtown L.A. closed to cars and open to cyclists and walkers, turning the streets into a 7 1/2-mile-long park. More, please.


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L.A. Times Hawthorne on CicLAvia’s Implications

CicLAvia 10-10-10 on the 4th Street Bridge - Photo by Gary Leonard

On Sunday October 24th 2010, in an article entitled Critic’s Notebook: There’s a growing disconnect on a better-connected L.A., the Los Angeles Times’ Christopher Hawthorne cites CicLAvia as one important sign that Angelenos are becoming more “comfortable with density and multifamily housing and the coexistence of private cars, pedestrians, cyclists and mass transit.” While the article focuses mostly on permanent infrastructure (especially rail construction), we’re happy to see CicLAvia’s 2010 success is seen as “reflecting a growing constituency in Los Angeles for changes to the streetscape benefiting pedestrians and cyclists.”  CicLAvia would also add transit – given the large numbers of cyclists and pedestrians who rode Metro to attend, many for the first time. Growing the constituency for greener transportation is indeed one of the four goals that CicLAvia’s organizers’ set out to accomplish.

Hawthorne goes on to conclude:

CicLAvia and events like it have a role to play in helping bridge that gap [between folks who welcome density/transit and those who resist], mostly because they provide a way to see the cityscape with fresh eyes and at unusually close range.

Thanks, Mr. Hawthorne, and CicLAvia looks forward to more fresh eyes and up-close views in the years ahead.

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TEN Historic Buildings along the CicLAvia Route

Los Angeles City Hall, photo by Jenn Su

In honor of our 10-10-10 CicLAvia date, CicLAvia is running top ten listings! Yesterday we showcased ten reasons for CicLAvia. Below are ten great examples of historic architecture  located on the October 10th 2010 CicLAvia route. We’ve listed them in order from east to west, but when you walk, bike, run, scooter, roller-skate, or  skateboard the route, you can check them out in any direction!

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the great historic buildings you’ll see that day. There are even more that we hope to cover soon… and even excellent contemporary buildings, too. If we’ve left out your favorite historic building on the route, please tell us about it in the comments below! Also, some of these are better documented than others… help us fill in the details!

(We use the word “historic” here in a vernacular, not necessarily official, sense. Many of these are officially declared L.A. City Historic-Cultural Monuments [LAHCM – noted below] and some of them are just great looking older buildings.) 



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CicLAvia in the L.A. Times

Ciclovia on Sunset

Imagine what a ciclovia on Sunset Boulevard might look like!

Today’s Los Angeles Times features an article about bringing ciclovia to Los Angeles! It’s by Matthew Fleischer and it’s titled Imagine: L.A. bicyclists in the driver’s seat, one day a week.

Below are two brief excerpts, click here for the full article:

Imagine Los Angeles without cars. A town where people ride their bikes and walk in the streets and the smells of tacos and veggie burgers drift through the air instead of exhaust.

Sound like a pipe dream? Not if a group called cicLAvia is successful. A volunteer coalition of bicycle advocates, transportation experts, artists and academics, cicLAvia wants to make Sundays in Los Angeles virtually car-free — transforming the city’s streets into giant bike lanes and creating a public space that connects every neighborhood in the city.


“We’re excited by the [ciclovia] idea and we’re looking for ways to support it,” says Romel Pascual, L.A.’s associate director of energy and the environment. “Making events like this happen is always in the details — what neighborhoods to start with, the routes involved. But it’s definitely something we’re looking to explore in 2010.”

Read the rest here. For more images of what an L.A. Ciclovia might look like go here.

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