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Donate to CicLAvia via Kickstarter – TODAY!

CicLAvia April 2011

Do your part! Help CicLAvia expand on October 9th 2011 by donating to our nuevo Kickstarter campaign. We’re raising $10,500 – a thousand per mile for our 10.5-mile route – and we need to raise it by September 14th 2011! Fun prizes include stickers, buttons, y cool new canvas bags! Donate today.

August 26, 2011 at 9:35 am 2 comments

CicLAvia Stickazz!

Two wonderful too wonderful CicLAvia stickers!

Support CicLAvia via our Kickstarter campaign and receive cool stickers… very appropriate for any bike you might have between your legz.  (more…)

August 18, 2011 at 11:19 am 5 comments

Contribute to CicLAvia Kickstarter by this Friday

This Friday – January 21st 2011 – is the last day to donate to CicLAvia’s Kickstarter fundraising campaign! Here’s a look at some of the new designs – skaters, wheelchair users – for the 2011 CicLAvia spoke cards and T-shirts:

Design Your Own New 2011 CicLAvia Mash-Up T-shirts and Spoke Cards

Though we’ve reached our $5000 goal, we still need your contribution to host multiple CicLAvia events in 2011 – and to expand in the future! Please donate today!

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Deliriously Giddy Appeal!

Jenn holds up her end of the CicLAvia banner - photo by Gary Kavanagh

Here’s an email appeal from CicLAvia boardmember Jenn Su:

Dear dear friends,

Thank you for a fun-filled 2010! One of the coolest things I got to be a part of this year was Los Angeles’ first open streets event, CicLAvia, on 10-10-10.

I still get deliriously giddy thinking about unabashedly riding 7.5 miles of Los Angeles streets without having to worry about car traffic, AND getting to share that feeling with tens of thousands of people. I am psychedddd for more CicLAvia programming in 2011 — the first event is set for April 10 — and I ask now for your help in raising fund$ to ensure the events can happen!

We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to Open L.A. Streets for 2011 CicLAvia Events. Please contribute if you can and help us get the word out by forwarding the page to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, etc.! For a pledge of just $11, we’ll send you a custom designed spoke card, designed by my good friend Colleen!  You’ll want one of these, I promise. Donations that come in through Kickstarter will go toward things like publicity, signage, printing, outreach, permitting, design, staffing, freeway off-ramp closures, porta-potties, and more, for CicLAvia’s 2011 programs. (more…)

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Help Kickstart CicLAvia into a Successful 2011!

Make L.A.'s streets safe for her in 2011

If you enjoyed CicLAvia in 2010, you’re going to love 2011!

With events planned in April, July, and October, CicLAvia is going to generate more smiles, more health, more foot traffic for the local economy, and more civic pride. We’re looking to expand and grow and touch even more Angelenos as, together, we change the face of Los Angeles.

We need your help to make CicLAvia a success in 2011.

Please consider donating to our new 2011 CicLAvia Kickstarter Campaign. You can contribute as little as one dollar. Gifts of $11 or more receive a CicLAvia 2011 spoke card. Higher dollar gifts receive even groovier premiums.

Details at our Kickstarter campaign page. Please make a contribution today – and pass the word along to your friends, too!

We’re counting on you – and looking forward to riding with you in 2011.

December 14, 2010 at 9:23 am 1 comment

Limited-edition, hand-printed CicLAvia t-shirts

Our new t-shirts are here! We spotted CicLAvia supporter Megan Hirsch sporting hers yesterday at LACBC’s Walk and Ride for a Safer 4th Street event:

These tees are limited-edition and hand-silkscreened, and they’re going to go fast! The best way to guarantee one for yourself is to visit our Kickstarter page and donate to CicLAvia at the $100 level. While screen-printing away last weekend, we also reached our $7,000 Kickstarter goal, thanks to the 158 backers who have made pledges so far. — But wait! — Our campaign doesn’t end until August 15, so that gives you plenty more time to donate through Kickstarter and get your very own CicLAvia t-shirt. Keep the donations coming!

More t-shirt colors and designs will be posted up here soon.

July 25, 2010 at 4:31 pm 5 comments

CicLAvia Coverage This Week

Where we're at on KickStarter!

Releasing the route for the planned September 12 CicLAvia – see it here – has resulted in quite a bit of CicLAvia coverage racing (also strolling) around the blogosphere. We’re very happy to have been featured in L.A. Streetsblog, GOOD, LAist, BlogDowntown, beyond design, Biking In L.A., L.A. Eco-Village and probably a few more places that we missed.

They all think that [note: we’re paraphrasing here] cicLAvia is fabulously smilingly propitiously wonderful and will be the best thing for L.A. since either the Bradbury Building or the 1994 World Cup. And they all want you to go directly to our KickStarter page and start pledging ridiculously large wads of electronic cash. From the up to the minute display at the left, the mathematically inclined among you will easily deduce that CicLAvia is 71.7143% there toward our goal of $7000 for 7 miles. 

In other marvilloso espectacular ciclovía coverage this week, L.A. environmentalist Ron Milam visits Mexico City and chances upon their weekly ciclovía. His account is here and here, and cicLAvia previously briefly covered the Districto Federal ciclovía here. Looks fun!

We’re also happy to be linked prominently at Pilot Yoxi – enjoy their cool vid about making cities better for bicycling, and look forward to seeing what they come up with.

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