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From Bogotá to L.A. Video

Here’s another short video showing what the original ciclovía in Bogotá Colombia looks like – from behind the handlebars. In Bogotá, every Sunday, rain or shine, they open 80 miles of main streets for people to walk and bike and dance and play. (more…)

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Bogotá Video Shows What CicLAvia Looks Like

Los Angeles has never hosted a CicLAvia event, so it’s not easy to know what CicLAvia will really look like. It’s not a race, and not even a group ride. There’s not just one start and one finish – it’s more like a park, or a festival, or a really great street! Pedestrians and cyclists can start anywhere and end anywhere on the 7-mile route. Watch the above Streetfilm (also available in Spanish) to see what ciclovía looks like in Bogotá, Colombia – where they host ciclovía every Sunday, on 80 miles of city streets. (more…)

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Huffington Post wishes they’d thought of cicLAvia!

Huffinton Post's Joel Epstein

Joel Epstein writes quite a bit about cicLAvia at an article entitled Public Space = Public Health in yesterday’s Huffington Post.  The article draws some very apt parallels between Bogotá, where Ciclovía got its start, and Los Angeles, where it’s gonna take off like a great idea often does. Below is an excerpt, follow link to read the rest.

Given the success of the program in Bogotá the concept has spread to Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico; Santiago, Chile; Quito, Ecuador and in the US to El Paso, Portland, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Miami.

In a city with many neighborhoods starved for public space and parks, CicLAvia promotes a creative way to make over LA, at least for a few hours a week.

Note: Epstein is slightly premature in referencing cicLAvia’s foray into the GOOD/Pepsi contest… look for our upcoming announcement when voting starts next Monday!

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Splitting the Street

Ciclovia cyclists in Bogota Colombia. Photo by Aaron Paley

The original ciclovia in Bogota Colombia takes advantage of streets with median islands. Many of their 80 miles (!!!) of weekly street closures take place on one half of a street with a raised median – or one fourth of a four-part street – as shown above. Cars drive on one side of the median, bicyclists and pedestrians cruise the other side. That raised concrete provides a barrier similar to protected bicycle lanes, also called cycletracks – common in Europe, but fairly limited in the U.S. (so far, they’re popular in New York City and Portland, Oregon and coming soon to Long Beach.)

Are there similar median-ed streets in Southern California that you think could make for good cicLAvia material? Let us know what streets you’d like to see – in the comments below.

Here’s another nice photo of the split street ciclovia from Bogota:

Bikes and pedestrians on the left, cars on the right - in Bogota. Photo by Aaron Paley

Bogota also use various cones, signs, etc. for partial and full street closures/openings. Another Bogota ciclovia photo below:

Cone-type barriers used for ciclovia partial street closure - in Bogota, Colombia. Photo by Aaron Paley.

And a couple more photos from Guadalajara, Mexico, too:

Ciclovia-style closure in Guadalajara. Photo by Aaron Paley.

Another street closure barrier from Guadalajara, Mexico. Photo by Aaron Paley.

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Manual Para Crear Ciclovias

From Bogotá, Colombia, here’s a website on how to plan, run and promote a ciclovía. It’s all en Español, por supuesto, pero hay plenty of good photographs for los persons who can’t read Spanish that well.

Screen capture of ciclovia website homepage

Screen capture of ciclovia website homepage

A brief excerpt from the home page:

La Ciclovía Recreativa es un programa que consiste en el cierre temporal de calles para el tráfico motorizado, con el fin de crear un espacio seguro y agradable donde las personas puedan pasear, trotar, patinar, correr, caminar y montar en bicicleta. Los gobiernos de las ciudades, así como los formuladores de políticas públicas, pueden encontrar en la Ciclovía un programa para promover la actividad física y recreación en sus comunidades.

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