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Really GOOD Event for CicLAvia!

Dancing in the streets... well... parking lots... at the GOOD CicLAvia fundraiser - photo: Alissa Walker

Wooot! Wooooot! We had a GREAT time at the GOOD/GOOD LA fundraiser last Saturday! The event raised more than $6000 that goes to CicLAvia to host our upcoming free open streets events. Thanks to all the CicLAvia supporters who showed up and contributed to both a fun event and future CicLAvias! See event photos here and video here and here.

There are a lot of partners to thank for such a GOOD event. First off, GOOD Magazine and GOOD LA organized it all! Read GOOD! Subscribe to the Daily GOOD and to GOOD LA.  The Atwater Crossing “ATX” Arts Complex site was a perfect venue! ThanX to ATX, Ava Bromberg, and VT Productions for location, location and location. The music was sweeet! Our ears thank the Dublab DJs, Very Be Careful, The Finches, Telematique, and GANGI. Thanks to Shawn of Harmony Sound for making all these folks sound great!

Thanks to New Belgium Brewing – which has a long history of supporting bike fun in L.A. and all over – we emptied 8 kegs of their quality brews. (Their Tour de Fat returns to Los Angeles on October 8th 2011!!) Thanks to
Luis Vargas of Razor’s Edge Wines for donating fine Australian wine. Lots more great vittles thank to ONE Drinks, Food Forward, Nom Nom Truck, Yalla, Ahn Joo, India Jones, Slammin’ Sliders, Surfer Taco and Coolhaus. (more…)

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CicLAvia Story: The Joy of Riding a Bike Around L.A.

Car-free Angeleno and newly-minted cyclist Jung Gatoona

Today CicLAvia presents a guest post, a first-person story from Jung Gatoona, a graphic designer and self-proclaimed “car-free Angeleno” who lives in Downtown Los Angeles.

In a September 2010 interview at Metro’s The Source blog, Gatoona stated “I choose to be without a car, even under the pressure from parents and friends, who often tell me to get a car and drive again. I love L.A.’s growing public transit system” At that time Gatoona just rode trains and buses and walked… but things changed for him in October:

On October 10, 2010, I received my very own bicycle as a birthday gift from my dad. Coincidentally, this was also the day Los Angeles had its first CicLAvia, which I happily attended, and biked the event’s route back and forth at least two times to test out my new bike. (more…)

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TEN Ways to Get to CicLAvia

Here we are at number TEN on CicLAvia’s TEN top TEN lists for CicLAvia on TEN TEN TEN. Earlier top TEN listings were: churches, mysteries (contest!), public spaces, things to do, public artneighborhoods, problems, historic buildings, reasons, and partridges in pear trees. Instead of focusing on what to do at CicLAvia, we’re going to suggest TEN ways of getting there and back!


1. Drive a Car

Contrary to some popular opinions, yes, Virginia, you can definitely drive to CicLAvia. Even though it’s a car-free celebration. Your car won’t explode. Unless it was going to do that already. When’s the last time you changed the oil? Some nearby streets may be a bit congested. It may not be easy to park. But those things aren’t uncommon. We don’t necessarily want to encourage driving… but it’s definitely an option, and probably the best choice for a lot of people.

2. Carpool

Walking and biking are mucho more fun in groups. So gather up your sister, your cousin, your mom (of course), your neighbor, the guy down the street on the left, and that cute waitress you’ve been trying to muster up the nerve to talk with… and pack them all in the van, and drive down together. Make an event of it! If you want to share a ride with a stranger, maybe post on or Craigslist. Get your passengers to pay for gas, too!

3. Walk

If you live within a mile or two of the route, try walking! It’s actually easier and faster than you tend to think, and it’s pretty much the best exercise in the known universe, ’cause it’s not strenuous and our bodies were built for it. It’s also great in groups – so walk with a friend, relative, significant other, a cute waiter, a passing stranger, and the walking time will fly by. (more…)

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TEN Reasons for CicLAvia

In honor of our 10-10-10 first ever city of Los Angeles CicLAvia date, for TEN days CicLAvia is running top TEN listings! (drum roll please!) Below are TEN great reasons for CicLAvia! Coming soon – 10 great places to eat on the route, 10 public artworks, 10 historic architectural landmarks, 10 problems CicLAvia solves, 10 ways to get to CicLAvia, and much more! We’re asking you, dear reader, to help us out on these lists! If you have ideas for fun top TEN lists, tell us in the comments or email info [at] ciclavia [dot] org!


1. Fun!

CicLAvia isn’t some high-falutin’ cultural extravaganza that’s “good for you.” Nor some grueling race you need to (huff! puff!) finish. Nor a way to educate or, ahem, lecture people. It’s about having FUN! Together. In our streets. Have a great time hanging out in the public spaces we pass through daily. We’re looking forward to having a great time on 10/10/10.


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