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Diego Cardoso Paints CicLAvia

CicLAvia 2010 painted by Diego Cardoso

Earlier in December, some of the CicLAvia non-profit folks met with Mayor Villaraigosa’s staff working on CicLAvia. All in attendance were excited to discover a new painting on the wall of the mayor’s waiting room area: a painting depicting the 10-10-10 CicLAvia. CicLAvia helped inspire countless smiles, thousands of photos, dozens of videos, a wedding, and at least one painting! (more…)

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More 10-10-10 Vids: Rally, Hel-Mel, Downtown

There are lots of great 10-10-10 videos. Here are two more fun ones. The above video covers the Kick Coal and Oil Out of Los Angeles rally – featuring Ellen Page! Below is a fun video mostly covering the Hel-Mel (Heliotrope at Melrose) Bicycle District. Wooot! Woooooot! (more…)

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Kids and their Families: Gary Leonard CicLAvia Photos part 2

Look, dad!

One of the most precious and wonderful things about CicLAvia was the huge number of kids and families out enjoying themselves in the safety of car-free Los Angeles streets.

With folks organizing the Midday Ridazz kids ride, we knew there would be a lot of families… but it was still such a dazzling sight to see kids on training wheels and realllly small bikes weaving through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Wow. We had a difficult time editing down the great collection of family and youth photos by Gary Leonard. (All photos this post by Gary Leonard – click on picture for larger size)


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Rolling CicLAvia Interview Videos

Check out these four rolling interviews filmed by muti-talented bicyclist Aaron Kuehn – who also did the 4th Street Bike Boulevard rendering we shared a few weeks ago. It’s great to see the perspective atop CicLAvia Board President Bobby Gadda‘s tall bike. Bobby is one of two people who visited ciclovías in Bogotá, Colombia, and then started the push for bringing ciclovía to Los Angeles. We’re really glad he did! 

Next up is an interview with Jimmy Lizama… a Los Angeles legend: one of the founders of the Bicycle Kitchen, on the initial board of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, currently wrenching at Flying Pigeon bike shop and the Bicycle Morgue in back of Los Angeles Eco-Village. El Jimmy was one of the organizers of CicLAvia’s Midday Ridazz kids ride, and also CicLAvia’s capoeira circle. And his laugh is positively infectious!


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Inspiring CicLAvia Interviews Video

Wow! Another phenomenal and fun CicLAvia video! This one was created by Stephen and Enci Box and features lots of great interviews – from Mayor Villaraigosa, to Jaime Ortiz, to Long Beach’s Charlie Gandy, to CicLAvia’s own Stephen Villavaso… and many more. Enjoy! (And follow Enci and Stephen at Illuminate LA and SoapBoxLA respectively.)

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Watch Will Campbell’s Timelapse Video of CicLAvia

Hats off to Will Campbell – Los Angeles’ reigning master of the time-lapse bicycle camera! It’s been a treat to watch and re-watch his delightful time-lapse video of his trajectory through the 2010 CicLAvia. Tag along as he wends his way from Hollenbeck Park to Hel-Mel Bicycle District. Read WildBell’s blogging, check out his photos, and watch his other videos at [sic] – and share the above video with your friends via our website.

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Getting Married at CicLAvia

with this chain ring, I thee wed – Mikee and Valerie on October 10th 2010

Congratulations to Valerie and Mikee, the first couple to get married at CicLAvia. We’re going to refer to them by first names only because he tells us that they haven’t told their family yet. (more…)

October 11, 2010 at 5:07 pm 11 comments

Some 10-10-10 Images from Bikeside’s Alex Thompson

How CicLAvia Rolls in Downtown L.A. - this post all photos by Alex Thompson

There are so many great images, stories, videos, tweets, comments y mas y mas already streaming out of  yesterday’s first CicLAvia event (while we organizers are still trying to catch our breath!) Keep posting links and stories here… and we’ll do more wrap-up articles soon.

For now, please enjoy a few great CicLAvia shots by Alex Thompson – a friend of CicLAvia, a founder of Bikeside, part of the Bike Writers Collective, photographer, mathematician, and one of Los Angeles’ most active and uncompromising bicycle activists. Thompson wrote one of our favorite pre-CicLAvia posts and sent us a great collection of photos of the day. (more…)

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Come out and play!

The countdown has begun — Los Angeles’ first CicLAvia is less than a week away. On 10-10-10, we are inviting all of Los Angeles to come out and play! Please help us spread the word about CicLAvia this week by sharing this video with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and the rest of your social network!

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A huge thank you to filmmaker Carlos Marques Marcet and his talented team for putting this together for us.

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Ten-Ten-Ten CicLAvia Information

Los Angeles’ first CicLAvia will be Sunday October 10th 2010 from 10am-3pm. It’s free, fun, family-friendly! Click for: route map, or volunteer opportunities. RSVP/share on Facebook – or just show up! Check FAQ page for answers to CicLAvia questions. See the activtity map page for scheduled events or to add your own.

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