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More Great CicLAvia Eats!

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There is much to do along the CicLAvia route: check out public art, play dodgeball, or even get married. But eating at some of the many food trucks or restaurants along the route might be the most popular extracurricular activity this Sunday. We’ve already listed several of our favorite stops along the route but there are so many more that we felt we needed not one but two lists for dining options. There will also be a number of LA’s finest food trucks joining us en route so be sure to swing by and say hello. Enjoy!

East Hollywood

Stop by Pizza Paul’s (sorry, no website) at 4330 Melrose for yummy rustic pizza. For some delicious Oaxacan food try La Morenita Oaxaqueña at 3550 W. 3rd Street. And for a personal fave of CicLAvia’s Joe Linton try a Tlayuda – which offers a huge crunchy tostada, topped with quesilla – Oaxacan string cheese! Still hungry? Try the Halo Halo for dessert at Jollibee (3831 Beverly Blvd.)

Food Trucks include: Dosa Truck, Surfer Taco, and Tapa Boy. (on Heliotrope north of Melrose)

Westlake/ Macarthur Park

We love El Pulgarcito and there’s lots more when it comes to savory Salvadorian food? Pupuseria El Pueblo (2719 W. 6th Street) is the real deal and a must stop if you’re in the mood for a pupusa. Just a few minutes away you’ll find Antojitos Bibi ( 2400 W 7th st #109) – authentic Honduran cuisine, which will be open early for a pre-ride/walk pupusa (including vegetarian!). And for those of you who want something delicious and fast try succulent Filipino quisine at Neri’s behind the First Congregational Church.

Food Trucks include: Ahn Joo, Crepe’n Around, Spring Street Smokehouse, and Lake Street Cremery. (on Lake Street just south of 7th)


There are so many downtown restaurants along the route but we would be remiss to mention one of the newer kids on the block– Bottega Louie. Be it their calamari or their freshly made pizza they seem to do everything right. They’ll even provide sparkling water at no extra charge! If you’re feeling more in the mood for a big burrito there’s no better place downtown than Mai Mexican Kitchen (633 South Spring Street), one of the last great mom and pop taco stands in downtown L.A.  And if you don’t mind the caloric splurge (all the biking and walking will balance it out!) try the chorizo con queso fundido at Ensenada Restaurant at 517 S. Spring.

Little Tokyo

Vegetarian? Little Tokyo will provide you with plenty of belly-filling options including vegan options at Shojin on the third floor of the Little Tokyo Galleria (3rd and Alameda). Read more about Shojin here. Lots of great noodles, sushi, mochi, tempura – lots of restaurants to choose from – valet park your bike at the red fire tower at the Japanese Village and explore!

Hollenbeck Park

Food Trucks include: Slammin Sliders, Del’s Lemonade, Yalla, and Lomo Arigato. Yum! (on St. Louis south of 4th Street)

Add your favorites in the comments below!

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Eat Your Way Through L.A. at CicLAvia!

Mama's Hot Tamales - on the CicLAvia route - across from MacArthur Park

What’s better than biking with friends? Eating with friends! The good news is that you can do both this Sunday at CicLAvia. The 7.5 mile route will wind through some of LA’s foodie meccas.

Start off in Little Tokyo with some of the city’s best ramen or sushi. Next, make your way to MacArthur Park, where you’ll find mole tamales at local favorite Mama’s Hot Tamales and world famous pastrami at Langer’s. Grab a pupusa or two, too, sir. Wind your way through K-town and sample the famous BBQ or sip bubble tea through an over sized straw. And save room for Chai, Lavendar or Thai Iced Tea gelato at Scoops in the Bicycle District.


October 6, 2010 at 4:06 pm 13 comments

TEN Things To Do At CicLAvia

More than any other day of the week Sunday is the day most of us take a break. We stop checking email, cook at home and (perhaps most importantly) leave our cars in the garage. But Sunday is actually a fantastic day to get out and do those things you can’t get to in the hurried hours before and after work. With over seven miles of Los Angeles roads yours for the taking this October it’s up to you to get off the couch and out the door.  We have a few ideas to get you started.


1. Bike

If you’ve never biked in LA before this is your chance! No cars, buses or exhaust to worry about: just you, a few thousands friends, and seven open miles of roads. If you’re worried about that bike of yours that you maybe haven’t used much lately, consider taking it to the Bicycle Kitchen – a great fun non-profit bike shop located in East Hollywood – on the CicLAvia route! They can help you tune up, so you’re ready to ride on 10/10/10.


CicLAvia is not just about biking (though there will be lots of it). Walking the route promises to be an adventure in its own right. Some of the great things about taking a walk in the city are the spontaneous people, places and things you come across. In especially dense urban centers there is a kind of rhythm to that interaction that Jane Jacobs once called “the heart of the day ballet”. LA is a very different city from the ones Ms. Jacobs idealized but it doesn’t mean we can’t have our own kind of dance. Winding through some of the densest parts of the city, CicLAvia streets promise the kinds of spontaneity that will surely turn walkers into dancers.. which leads us to our next point.

3. Dance!

Try as we might dancing in the streets is probably not something most of us can partake in regularly: until now. At CicLAvia dancing in the streets is not only permitted, it is encouraged. Samba, salsa or waltz yourself down Wilshire. No one will stop you. Have a dance troupe or class? Invite them. But be prepared for drop-ins.


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