Be Nice. Be Safe. Share. Enjoy.

April 8, 2011 at 10:58 am 1 comment

Share and Enjoy

With all the buzz, phenomenal weather, beautiful people and places, it’s looking like CicLAvia 4.10.2011 is going to be huuuuge. We don’t like to lay down a lot of rules; people-powered traffic in public space is wonderfully self-regulating… but do want to give folks out there a bit of advice for how to have a great time this Sunday. This is all common sense stuff that you already learned – probably from your mom… but it bears repeating.

1. Share. CicLAvia will have slow-moving pedestrians, faster-moving lycra-clad cyclists, wheelchair users, families, kids. CicLAvia opens L.A. streets to everyone… and we all share. It’s not a race. If you’re looking for a fast-moving road ride workout, try these rides first, then come to CicLAvia. If you’re moving faster, be aware of folks around you and chill and slow down when it’s needed. If a pedestrian is trying to cross the route, yield and let them across. If you’re moving slower, or stopping, be aware of folks moving faster than you and let them get past. Slower participants generally keep to the right.

2. Be Nice. CicLAvia is for everyone – young, old, slow, fast. CicLAvia shows how we can all come together in a civil egalitarian way in our public spaces – our streets. Smile (well, sometimes it’s hard not to smile at CicLAvia.) Look folks in the eye, wave, say “Hi.”

3. Be Responsible. Everyone is responsible for CicLAvia’s success. It’s less about rules the authorities lay down, and more about the culture we all create in the way we all behave out there. Set a good example. If you see someone having trouble with their bike, lend a hand. If you see someone being unsafe or disrespectful, say something. Don’t litter. Keeping CicLAvia problem-free allows us to continue CicLAvia into the future, and expand into new neighborhoods.

4. Follow the signs: Cars cross the route at select crossing points – when the light turns red, then cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians must stop. Stop at red lights. 

5. Keep Safe on Hills. At the few hills on the route, riders are asked to dismount and walk downhill. Last year, we had a couple of injuries (nothing major) at sloped areas. Be careful and be safe. Always keep downhill speeds reasonable, and be on the look out for slower moving cyclists and pedestrians.

6. Enjoy.

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