On 101010 CicLAvia: 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard

September 28, 2010 at 9:35 pm 11 comments

Sharrows on 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard

The 10-10-10 CicLAvia route includes a stretch of 4th Street from Virgil Avenue to New Hampshire Avenue. The route also includes more of 4th Street  in Boyle Heights – but that’s another story.

CicLAvia participants will notice  sharrows on this stretch of roadway – one of only 6 streets in Los Angeles to receive sharrow markings so far. Sharrows are a somewhat new road-marking which show where it’s safe for bicycles and cars to share the lane.  The sharrows are the first phase of a project known as 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard.

Bicycle Boulevards are a fairly new type of bike facility – different from bike paths or bike lanes. A bike boulevard is a relatively quiet residential street, where traffic has been calmed, and bicyclists and pedestians are given priority. It’s a shared street – where bicycling and driving (and, of cours, walking) easily co-exist. The basic idea is that once cars are moving slower, and there’s less cut-through traffic, the street becomes safe and comfortable for bicycling. Most neighborhoods favor bike boulevards because less cut-through traffic means a quieter and safer street.

Bike boulevards are common in various cities, including Berkeley, Palo Alto, Portland, and San Luis Obispo. There are a few excellent short Streetfilms documentaries that show off these existing bicycle boulevards. Southern California’s first bicycle boulevard is under construction right now – on Vista Street in Long Beach.

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition has organized a campaign to implement the city of Los Angeles’ first bicycle boulevard on 4th Street. If you’re interested in getting involved, subscribe to the campaign’s Google group.

There’s no finalized plan for 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard yet… but there are a lot of great ideas being discussed. Here’s a rendering (by Aaron Kuehn) of the intersection of 4th Street and Catalina Street (two blocks west of the CicLAvia route) as it might look like in the future:

4th Street Catalina Islands Rendering by Aaron Kuehn aarline.info

This is an example of a diverter – a traffic calming feature where through car traffic would be forced to turn, but bicyclists and pedestrians could continue straight through.

Be sure to check out the 4th Street sharrows on 10-10-10, and, if you’re interested, get involved in the campaign for “4SBB”!!

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  • 1. Clarence Eckerson Jr.  |  September 28, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Absolutely beautiful treatment in that diagram!

  • 2. walkeaglerock  |  September 28, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    This is really impressive! I want to learn how to do this stuff so I can upgrade from my drawings…. I’ve been riding the BB in Berkeley, lots of fun when I go through diverters!

  • […] grade-separated bike lane on Santa Monica Blvd. Part of the CicLAvia course will travel the future 4th Street Bike Boulevard. A trio of El Segundo bike thieves attack a man trying to defend his girlfriend’s bike; thanks to […]

  • 4. Ron  |  September 29, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Thanks Aaron for this beautiful rendering of what this intersection could be! I appreciate LACBC’s work on this and am glad Ciclavia will feature a stretch of this on its route, which I look forward to riding on 10-10-10. I’m excited that Long Beach is in the process of creating Southern California’s first Bike Boulevard and look forward to the day when Bike Boulevards like this are common throughout Los Angeles.

  • 5. ladotbikeblog  |  September 30, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    What a good looking rendering!

  • […] reports that Council Member Tom LaBonge is also committed to a Bicycle Boulevard on 4th Street.  CicLAvia’s route went along 4th Street, giving an idea of what a Bicycle Boulevard could be.   Waring Avenue has also been identified as […]

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    […] has campaigned ever since then to convert the street into a Bicycle Boulevard.  Other groups like CicLAvia have also highlighted 4th Street’s suitability as a Bicycle Friendly […]

  • […] Strengthened commitment to more robust bicycle boulevards, though still called “bike-friendly streets.” When the draft plan was released earlier this year, the bicycle boulevard minimum appeared indistinguishable from bike routes; at a minimum they could have included merely signage and no other features. City planning staff later upped this to two features. Yesterday morning the ante was upped to three features of the following five: signage, sharrows, intersection treatments, traffic calming, and diverters. […]

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    […] off to side streets, allow bikes to pass directly through, and would cleanse rainwater, too: (read more about 4SBB here and get involved!) [more cool green street stuff later this week, too!] 4th Street Bicycle […]

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