TEN Places of Worship on the CicLAvia Route

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CicLAvia route for TEN-TEN-TEN 7.5-miles from Boyle Heights to East Hollywood

Continuing our TEN top TEN listings regarding the TEN-TEN-TEN CicLAvia, today we’re exploring TEN places of worship located along the CicLAvia route. Los Angeles has a diverse and rich religious history, and the houses of worship along the route reflect rich and varied religious traditions from all over the world.   

CicLAvia is making an effort to reach out to churches in the vicinity of the route, in part because we want to invite them to participate in CicLAvia, but also because we want to make sure that their worshippers are aware that, if they drive that day, they may encounter delays in getting to and from Sunday services. CicLAvia takes place from 10am to 3pm on Sunday October 10th, and though Sunday is the day of the week with the least traffic, we don’t want parishoners to have an unpleasant surprise that morning. 

(Note: a few of these are one or two blocks off the route – close enough!)   


Saint Mary's Catholic Church

1. Saint Mary’s Catholic Church
407 South Chicago Street  

St. Mary’s parish dates back to 1896, when it was established in Boyle Heights. Its beautiful historic sanctuary building dates to 1926. It’s located on 4th Street – one block east of Hollenbeck Park, which is the eastern end of the TEN-TEN-TEN CicLAvia route.     

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Templo Espiritualista Trinitario Mariano, on Boyle at 4th in Boyle Heights.

2. Storefront churches – various   

At various points along the 7.5-mile CicLAvia route, there are storefront churches, probably enough to fill their own top TEN list. Most of them are on 7th Street in the Westlake area, though the Templo Espiritualista above, located in Boyle Heights, caught our eye.  

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Dolores Mission Church

3. Dolores Mission
170 South Gless Street  

Dolores Mission is a small Jesuit church located in the Pico-Aliso “flats” neighborhood in Boyle Heights. The church was established in 1925. It’s actually two blocks north of the 10-10-10 CicLAvia route, but we figured that it was important to include based on Dolores’ longstanding commitment to uplifting its underserved neighborhood, including through its non-profit Proyecto Pastoral.   

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Centenary United Methodist Church

4. Centenary United Methodist Church
300 South Central Avenue   

Located in Little Tokyo, Centenary United Methodist Church emphasizes their diversity as a multi-ethnic multi-cultural Christian family. The may be one of the few churches whose mission statement is written as a haiku:   

Disciples of Christ
We seek growth, support, faith, peace
Go out! Share God’s Love    

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Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple

5. Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple
505 3rd Street   

In Little Tokyo, Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple has a more than 100-year history, though the temple building at this location dates to 1976. The tradition of the Higashi Honganji is called Jodo Shinshu or Shin Buddhism, founded by Shinran Shonin (1173-1262) in Japan. The temple hosts its annual Obon festival, and even a Bombu Taiko drumming group.   

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Precious Blood Catholic Church

6. Precious Blood Catholic Church
435 S. Occidental Blvd  

Precious Blood church is located about a block north of the CicLAvia,  visible from the route, but not quite on it. The beautiful 1926 church building features lots of ornate detail and intricate stained glass. The church established Precious Blood School, located a block north at Occidental and 3rd.   

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First Congregational Church, photo by Jenn Su

7. First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
540 South Commonweath Avenue  

We were planning to list this very impressive church building on our top TEN historic buildings post… but decided to save it for today. According to the church website, First Congregational was “was founded in 1867 and is the oldest Protestant church in continuous service in Los Angeles. The present cathedral style building is the church’s fifth home and was completed in 1932 in the gothic revival style. It’s definitely worth checking out on 10-10-10!   

– – ~ – ~ – –   

Islamic Center of Southern California

8. Islamic Center of Southern California
434 South Vermont Avenue  

The Islamic Center is less than half a block off of the 10-10-10 CicLAvia route. It’s one of the largest Muslim places of worship in all of Southern California, with various prayer services, lectures, Sunday school, language classes, and more. And they even blog using WordPress, just like we do.   

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Korean Philadelphia Presbyterian Church

9. Korean Philadelphia Presbyterian Church
407 South New Hampshire Avenue  

This is another great ornate landmark building that nearly appeared on our earlier historic building list. This building, now a church, was built in 1925 as Temple Sinai East. It remained a Jewish synagogue until 1960, when its congregation relocated to their current site in Westwood. It’s now the home of the Korean Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, which proved elusive for our team of English-language internet researchers. Christian churches are ubiquitous in Koreatown and in Korea. This may be attributed, to some extent, in the roles that Korean Christian institutions played in resistance to Japan’s imperial occupation during most of the first half of the 20th Century.  

– – ~ – ~ – –   

Rosewood United Methodist Church - photo from church website

10.Rosewood United Methodist Church
4101 Rosewood Avenue  

Rosewood UMC hosts Spanish, English and Filipino ministries. They recently partnered with the Los Angeles Housing Partnership to develop the adjacent LEED-certified transit-oriented senior housing project Rosewood Gardens, located on land owned by the church. The 5-story affordable housing development is immediately west of the church – at the corner of Rosewood and Berendo – on the 10-10-10 CicLAvia route!

– – ~ – ~ – –    

Breed Street Shul

Also nearby the route: Boyle Heights’ Breed Street Shul is about a half-dozen blocks from Hollenbeck Park, the east end of the CicLAvia route. The 1915 and 1923 shul buildings comprise the oldest Jewish synagogue buildings in Los Angeles, but Breed Street no longer hosts an active congregation.

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