TEN Things To Do At CicLAvia

August 24, 2010 at 9:18 am 4 comments

More than any other day of the week Sunday is the day most of us take a break. We stop checking email, cook at home and (perhaps most importantly) leave our cars in the garage. But Sunday is actually a fantastic day to get out and do those things you can’t get to in the hurried hours before and after work. With over seven miles of Los Angeles roads yours for the taking this October it’s up to you to get off the couch and out the door.  We have a few ideas to get you started.


1. Bike

If you’ve never biked in LA before this is your chance! No cars, buses or exhaust to worry about: just you, a few thousands friends, and seven open miles of roads. If you’re worried about that bike of yours that you maybe haven’t used much lately, consider taking it to the Bicycle Kitchen – a great fun non-profit bike shop located in East Hollywood – on the CicLAvia route! They can help you tune up, so you’re ready to ride on 10/10/10.


CicLAvia is not just about biking (though there will be lots of it). Walking the route promises to be an adventure in its own right. Some of the great things about taking a walk in the city are the spontaneous people, places and things you come across. In especially dense urban centers there is a kind of rhythm to that interaction that Jane Jacobs once called “the heart of the day ballet”. LA is a very different city from the ones Ms. Jacobs idealized but it doesn’t mean we can’t have our own kind of dance. Winding through some of the densest parts of the city, CicLAvia streets promise the kinds of spontaneity that will surely turn walkers into dancers.. which leads us to our next point.

3. Dance!

Try as we might dancing in the streets is probably not something most of us can partake in regularly: until now. At CicLAvia dancing in the streets is not only permitted, it is encouraged. Samba, salsa or waltz yourself down Wilshire. No one will stop you. Have a dance troupe or class? Invite them. But be prepared for drop-ins.

 4. Exercise

In Bogotá, where ciclovías have been happening for the last 30 years, fitness classes are a popular offering. If you are looking for new students offer a free class to passerby at CicLAvia. Already have a full house? Meet on the route and host an outdoor class.

5. Meet up

Los Angeles is notorious for its lack up public space (ranking dead last among major metropolitan areas according to some studies) but it doesn’t mean Angelenos are hermits. Judging by the success of festivals like Glow and the art walks popping up all over the city it’s clear that public space is something we all crave. Use CicLAvia as an excuse to gather that group of Craftsman aficionados or fellow street food lovers you’ve been wanting to meet. Meetup.com offers an easy way to organize a group.

6. Explore new neighborhoods

From Hel Mel to Westlake-MacArthur Park there are a number or jumping off points for exploring some of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Start by exploring our list here.

7. See art and performances

When most people think public art they think murals. But as many street artists will attest a city has the potential to be the most public canvas an artist can hope for. CicLAvia will provide a stage for artists and performers at all skill levels. Want to participate? Let us know.  

8. Eat good food

If there’s one thing Jonathan Gold has taught us it’s that Los Angeles is the mecca of delicious, traditional food the world over. From the far east to the near south we have at our fingertips a world of cuisine to choose from. If you get excited about food get excited about CicLAvia. How about creating a food tour of the city? Stop for ramen in Little Tokyo, BBQ in Koreatown and tamales in MacArthur Park. The beauty of biking your way through the city is that you can eat as much as you want in between. Promise.

9. Shop

So you probably weren’t thinking CicLAvia and shopping go together, but alas, they do. Like baskets and bicycles, CicLAvia makes shopping at any of the wonderful businesses along the route that much easier. No parking. No meters. No hassle. 

10. Play street games

Forget everything your mother told you. Yes, you can run in the streets. Yes, you can draw on the pavement (as long as you use chalk). And of course you can borrow the broom for a game of hockey.

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TEN Public Artworks along the CicLAvia Route TEN Public Spaces along the CicLAvia Route

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  • 1. Ross Hirsch  |  August 24, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    There will be a double family/kids ride happening, too. One group will start on the Eastside, another group will start on the West side–and we’ll meet in the middle and ride around together for as long as we want. A big parade! Stay tuned for details.

    It’ll be the “East-side West-side Kids Ride.”

    And, the inaugural event of LA’s own kids ride, The Mid-day Ridazz. Watch out.

  • 2. Carlos Morales  |  August 24, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    The EASTSIDE BIKIE CLUB is warming up the kids this THURSDAY August 26th as we take about 50 kids from RAMONA GARDENS on their first GROUP RIDE outside the projects.

    We are going to get them hooked on bike riding and away from gangs and drugs!

    The Eastside / Westside MID-DAY RIDAZZ is going to be off the hook. For more info and to get on our list call 323/221-7400
    or email us at: bikesinla@yahoo.com

  • […] surface about LADOT’s tendency to make infrastructure changes without public notice. Ten things to do at CicLAvia. Gary takes Agensys to task fighting a much needed biking link through Santa Monica. […]

  • 4. One Month Away « 90042  |  September 10, 2010 at 1:06 am

    […] Activities are starting to form for this five-hour event on Sunday the 10th of October. Cycling is the major one. But there will be others. Running, walking, or skating the course will also be popular. There will likely be DJ’s and live music to dance to from East Hollywood to Boyle Heights. Expect to see lots of impromptu soccer, basketball, roller hockey, and bike polo games being set up all over the route. Urban Golf anyone? Oh and then there’s the massive Smörgåsbord of Los Angeles’ culinary bounty that awaits every Ciclavero. It really is entirely up to you and your creativity and ambition as to what you want to see in the street on 10.10.10. So start planning now! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Where The Wildflowers AreWhat’s Up With This?Los Angeles Cultural Heritagein the L.A. Times 34.117590 -118.188329 from → Losangelistic ← Another Reason Why Taggers Suck No comments yet Click here to cancel reply. […]


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