What do the Lakers have in common with CicLAvia?

June 23, 2010 at 8:10 am 3 comments

What do the Lakers have in common with CicLAvia?


…other than being handsome,
physically active,
good for business,
a source of civic pride…

People ride transit to get to both! Record-breaking rail ridership for this week’s Lakers’ championship celebration and plenty of transit rides anticipated heading for the September 12th 2010 CicLAvia!

According to the Daily News:

For tens of thousands of giddy Lakers fans who streamed Monday into downtown Los Angeles to cheer their championship team, there was only one top ticket to speed them there: the train.

City officials had asked Angelenos to use mass transit to get to the 2010 NBA victory parade – and fans listened.

“Most trains were filled to capacity,” said Rick Jager, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates the city’s Red Line subway between the San Fernando Valley and downtown.

“The people listened to news reports and decided to take public transit,” he said. “I think it’s a great victory for L.A., in terms of people taking public transit for a major event.”

Metro’s The Source blog  reported:

Early estimates from Metro officials are that about 125,000 extra boardings took place today, mostly on the Red and Purple line subway and the Blue Line.

Waits to get on the Blue Line were at times more than an hour.

We’re estimating that more than 100,000 people will participate in L.A. first CicLAvia on Septemeber 12th 2010. A lot of these folks will come from the surrounding neighborhoods, hopefully by foot, by bike, by stroller, by wheelchair and by skateboard. And, kinda like the Laker parade, there will also be some folks coming in from all over the region, too.

The planned 7.5-mile CicLAvia route is adjacent to Metro’s Gold Line, Red Line, and Blue Line, and hundreds of Metro bus lines. Like the Lakers parade, CicLAvia promotion will encourage participants to take Metro rail, bus, or bike or walk, or even carpool. What do you think? Will CicLAvia participants, like Laker fans, flock to transit? Or will they drive and park? Should we be worried about parking? Will they bicycle to the event and at the event?

And… dare we say it… like Laker championship victories are today, CicLAvia will someday become a Los Angeles tradition.

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Nice San Francisco Ciclovia Time Lapse Video Planned CicLAvia Route for 10-10-10 – *was September 12th 2010

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  • 1. Herbie Huff  |  June 23, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Haha! I love this post (and the Lakers…)

    I saw Ken – of “John and Ken,” the talk radio show in the OC – being gratuitously offensive about the packed trains and transit waits. The TV news anchor asked Ken, “What about this issue with not enough trains to move folks to and from the parade?” Ken said, “Hmm… I wonder why these people had to take the train? Maybe its because they DONT HAVE CARS?!?! I wonder why that is!? Because they are the same people who can go to a parade at 11 am on a Monday??”

    I don’t know why I share this, except to say that Ken popped my little bubble with this brief moment of pro-car ideology. I usually only hang out with people that think transit is a great thing and who understand why someone who has a job might choose not to drive, or own a car.

    Ken, thanks for reminding me that the mainstream conversation that we call the “local news” accommodates blatant ignorance about any mode of transportation other than driving.

    To end on a happy note, and to answer one question posed in the post, I DO think CicLAvia participants will take transit! I do. I think they’ll bike and walk, too. I think the spirit of CicLAvia will capture their hearts and encourage them to leave their cars behind, and I think CicLAvia will attract the many people in our fair city who already travel without a car and love to bike, walk, and transit it up.

    • 2. Joe Linton  |  June 24, 2010 at 3:37 pm

      That’s sad… though I was thinking – radio is probably one of the most driver-listener-heavy medias… not so surprising that they’d be skeptics… but I think the more that they cover it, the more attention they bring to the fact that LA does have transit!

      Folks should check out Herbie’s blog at http://meekadjustments.blogspot.com/

  • 3. Damien Newton  |  June 24, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    It’s funny, because John and Ken were extremely pro-bike when Dr. Thompsom (not Alex, the other one) was in the news on a daily basis.


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